Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mosses on Oxwich Point

SS50918564. Two cushion-forming species growing on a shaded, drippy, limestone ledge with minimal accumulation of soil/mineral material. Cushions 3-4cm thick and 6-10cm diameter. Only a few m above extreme HWM, but in a very sheltered n-facing cove, so spray influence probably limited.

Sp.A Leaves with red nerve, shortly excurrent colourless tip. Blade with hooded tip.
Identified by Sam Bosanquet as Trichostomum crispulum (Curly Crisp-moss)

Sp. B More compact with erect leaves. Tip flat ill-defined teeth near tip - not attempted to key this one yet. [Det by Sam Bosanquet as Eucladium verticillatum (Whorled Tufa-moss)]

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