Friday, March 1, 2013


Lighthouse at Point of Ardnamurchan.
Most westerly point of the British mainland...well almost!
Hills near Point of Ardnamurchan
View of Sanna Point from Point of Ardnamurchan 
Highland Cow
Eilean Mór, Loch Sunart
Lobaria pulmonaria
Hedwigia stellata (Starry Hoar-moss)
Mylia taylorii (Taylor's Flapwort)
Pine Marten near Strontian
Pine Marten near Strontian

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Romney Marsh

Rootless Duckweed (Wolffia arrhiza)
alongside the the larger Least Duckweed (Lemna minuta)
 Rootless Duckweed (the smallest flowering plant in the world)
on the end of 7 year old Arfon Leyshon's finger
 Greater Water-parsnip (Sium latifolium)
Forked Spleenwort (Asplenium septentrionale)

Rye Harbour

Rottingdean Sea-lavender (Limonium hyblaeum)
Sea Pea (Lathyrus japonicus)
Least Lettuce (Lactuca seligna)
Ticking 'Lesser Salad' - not a hint of sarcasm!


Stinking Hawk's-beard (Crepis foetida)
Stinking Hawk's-beard (Crepis foetida)
Stinking Hawk's-beard (Crepis foetida)
Red Hemp-nettle (Galeopsis angustifolia) & Hybrid Toadflax (Linaria x sepium)
Cat-mint (Nepeta racemosa)
Jersey Cudweed (Gnaphalium luteoalbum)