Monday, January 31, 2011

Common bryophytes on the Afon Lliw

Brachythecium rutabulum (Rough-stalked Feather-moss)
Lunularia cruciata (Crescent-cup Liverwort)
 Frullania dilatata (Dilated Scalewort)

Two more on the Afon Lliw

Mnium hornum (Swan's-neck Thyme-moss)
 Hygroamblystegium tenax (Fountain Feather-moss) [det. Sam Bosanquet] growing on a concrete wier with Fontinalis antipyretica var. antipyretica (Greater Water-moss).

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lapland Buntings at Paviland

Up until today, flight views are pretty much all I have seen of these birds, only their distinctive flight calls giving them away. As can be seen from these images there aren't too many visual features that stand out that well in flight.  Even the chestnut wing panel isn't eactly obvious, even in this perfect light.

Lapland Buntings at Paviland

The classic side on shot...
A more cryptic shot showing how inconspicuous these birds can be... 
 The diagnostic rufous nape is more conspicuous when birds have their heads down...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pleurocarps on Sycamore at Melin Mynach

Cryphaea heteromalla (Lateral Cryphaea)
 Rhynchostegium confertum (Clustered Feather-moss)
 and the liverwort Metzgeria furcata (Forked Veilwort)

Acrocarps on Sycamore at Melin Mynach

First is a bit of a mystery as it seems so distinctive yet I can't make it key out! Robust 2cm high extensive cushion. Leaf margins widely recurved (like a gutter from below) to just below leaf-tip, nerve strongly keeled esp. towards tip.
Orthotrichum affine (Wood Bristle-moss) ID by Sam Bosanquet
 Zygodon viridissimus var. viridissimus (Green Yoke-moss)
  Ulota crispa/brunchii (Crisped/Brunch's Pincushion)
Inclined to favour crispa, but capsule shape seems intermediate?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mosses at Pontneddfechan

Some common riverbank mosses, though no doubt this site holds a much richer assemblage...
Thamnobryum alopecurum (Fox-tail Feather-moss)
Amphidium mougeotii (Mougeot's Yoke-moss)
Fissidens taxifolius (Common Pocket-moss)
Fissidens taxifolius (Common Pocket-moss)
Plagiochila porelloides (Lesser Featherwort)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oxwich dunes

Two robust species of pleurocarp growing in the drier parts of the dunes were:
Homalothecium lutescens (Yellow Feather-moss)
 Hypnum lacunosum var. lacunosum (Great Plait-moss)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Conifer stump flora

A few of the lower plants found on one of thousands of conifer stumps on the Hirfynydd ridge today:
Campylopus introflexus (Heath Star Moss)
 Cladonia chlorophaea (a lichen)
 Cladonia coccifera agg. (a lichen)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Garden mosses in Gorseinon

This little ensemble was found growing on bare soil where last years bonfire was located. From top left to bottom right we have Barbula convoluta var. commutata (Lesser Bird's-claw Beard-moss). The large-leaved species are male plants of the aptly named Funaria hygrometrica (Bonfire-moss) and bottom right is Bryum rubens/ruderale (Crimson-tuber Thread-moss / Pea Moss). ID Sam Bosanquet.

Syntrichia ruralis var. ruralis (Great Hairy Screw-moss) is frequent on the composite tiles of the kitchen extension. It appears that Syntrichia ruralis var. ruraliformis (Sand-hill Screw-moss) isn't confined to sand-hills! ID Sam Bosanquet

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Port Eynon Point

Trichostomum brachydontium (Variable Crisp-moss) was found to be frequent amongst the rocks and shallow soils at the point.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wall mosses at Lunnon

Not so sure about these (specimens collected for det.), both found growing on a roadside wall made of limestone rocks, the first one in semi-shade near the base of the wall.

cf Racomitrium aquaticum (Narrow-leaved Fringe-moss): supposed to occur in moist river valleys, so may have this one wrong, though keyed out pretty well? [I now strongly susupect this is Anomodon viticulosus (Rambling Tail-moss), confirmed by Sam Bosanquet]
Id'd by Sam Bosanquet as Tortella nitida (Neat Crisp-moss) with springtails in attendance. Dentated, untoothed leaf margins with leaf tips frequently snapped off.

Bryophytes at Ilston Ford

Homalothecium sericeum (Silky Wall Feather-moss)
Porella platyphylla (Wall Scalewort)
Both growing with Thamnobryum alopecurum (Fox-tail Feather-moss), forming a dense weft of mosses covering the wall below the ford.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mosses on Oxwich Point

SS50918564. Two cushion-forming species growing on a shaded, drippy, limestone ledge with minimal accumulation of soil/mineral material. Cushions 3-4cm thick and 6-10cm diameter. Only a few m above extreme HWM, but in a very sheltered n-facing cove, so spray influence probably limited.

Sp.A Leaves with red nerve, shortly excurrent colourless tip. Blade with hooded tip.
Identified by Sam Bosanquet as Trichostomum crispulum (Curly Crisp-moss)

Sp. B More compact with erect leaves. Tip flat ill-defined teeth near tip - not attempted to key this one yet. [Det by Sam Bosanquet as Eucladium verticillatum (Whorled Tufa-moss)]

Saturday, January 8, 2011